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Inline V-groove PCB Separator for # Shape Depaneling

Inline V-groove PCB Separator for # shape depaneling

This is a double directions depaneling machine with horizontal and vertical boards

to realize inline depaneling for “#” shape panels at one time.

High automation, connect PCB loader and unloader, can be achieved without human, save labor.

Touch screen operation, enabling quick product changing, PLC data storage

capacity is 100 programs.

One direction of depaneling is also workable, could set horizontal and vertical depaneling by touch screen, more intelligent.

Dust cleaner is optional.

2.  Specification:

Blade dimension

Circular blade:80 60mm

Linear Blade: 356×43.5×6mm

PCB width

300mm(could be customized)

Driven mode

Stepping / Servo motor(optional)

V-cut angel


Cutting speed


Blade material

High speed steel

Air pressure






Packaging weight


2. Features:

※Workable for “#”shape depaneling.

※Horizontal and vertical depaneling is optional.

※Blade set can be quickly changed.

※Could connect PCB loader and PCB unloader to realize fully automated production to save labor.

※Simple operation, workers can operate it after training.

※Unique new blade design, lifetime should be increased by 1.5-2 times.

※Safety: Sensor is used to ensure safe production.


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