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  • Automatic PCBA Separator, SMTfly-1A600
Automatic PCBA Separator, SMTfly-1A600

Automatic PCBA Separator, SMTfly-1A600 Features:

1.Full-automatic machine separate pre-scored PCB assembly without stress on either PCB or component 
2.One touch programming of cut length with digital display 
3.Full-automatic machine separating speed is adjusted by a rotary knob 
4.Handle Intermittent scoring or cut-outs 
5,Board with projected component can be cut precisely 
6.Large stainless steel platform on both side of cutting blade prevents board wobble and table height and angle are adjustable 
7.Optional PCB conveyor belt to remove finished board 
8.Clearance between circular and linear blades are adjustable to fit different groove depth and compensates for blade wear out

Automatic PCBA Separator, SMTfly-1A600 Specification:

Model SMTfly-1A600
Size 1080*860*6650mm
Machine weight 120kg
Minimize thickness 0.6-3.5mm
Minimize speed 100/200/300/500mmm/s

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