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  • PCB Punching Machine,SMTfly-PE
PCB Punching Machine,SMTfly-PE

PCB Punching Machine,SMTfly-PE

  • Product description: PCB Punching Machine,SMTfly-PE

PCB separator,SMTfly-PE Features:

1.Machine has strong structure and moves easily with 4 Casters.
2.can replace a variety of mold, and mold changing easily.
3.the lower mold automatic in and out, easy to pick and place products, finished products can fall into the drawer.
4.make internal stress generated by PCB cutting to minimize and avoid tin stress cracking.
5.punching cutting semi-finished PCB with high efficiency.
6.mould and die can be made according to customer's request.
7.Apply to cut Rigid pcb,Flexible pcb(FPC),Rigid-Flexible pcb
8.Use punching mould to cut with high efficiency
9.Can replace multiple mold for product

PCB separator,CWPE PCB separator,CWPE
PCB separator,SMTfly-PE Specification:
Power:                                                         110/220, 0.5KW/H
Depression(Pa):                                           0.45-0.70
Machine dimension(mm):                            730*810*1700
Contribute(T):                                               3-30
Weight(Kg):                                                  530
Working area(mm):                                      330*220
Cycle time(s):                                               7

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