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  • PCB Depanelers-PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-1SN
PCB Depanelers-PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-1SN

PCB Depanelers-PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-1SN

  • Product description: PCB Depanelers-PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-1SN

PCB Depanelers-PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-1SNFeature:

●9 pairs of blades is available
●Configuration of the blades is adjusted toindividual PCB
●Sensors are used to monitor the separating process
●The PCBs are placed either by hand or they feed automatically by a loading station.
●Easy operating
●Could be adjusted according to PCB sizes and customers' requirements
●Could be customized made as customers' request

PCB separator,CWVC-1SN   PCB separator,CWVC-1SN
PCB Depanelers-PCB Cutting Machine,SMTfly-1SN Specification:
Separation speed:                            100-220 mm/s
Cutting length:                                100 mm -unlimited
Cutting thickness:                           0.8-3.5mm
Cutting width:                                 8-225 mm
Number of blades:                          max 9 pairs
Voltage :                                         110/220V
Machine size :                                 1155 x 405x330mm
Machine weight :                            70 KG
Length of platform:                         1150 mm (customized )

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