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Whether You Like, Automation has Come

Whether You Like, Automation has Come

While most people have realized that automation is coming, I think people outside the technology industry may not be felt deeply automation era has been close.

According to researchers at Oxford University Carl Benedikt Frey (Carl Benedikt Frey) and Michael Osborne (Michael A. Osborne) said that by 2033 47 percent of the US work can be automated. Coming in 2013 an article entitled "Employment: Work computerized face just how vulnerable? "The article, the two estimated 702 copies of the possibility of occupation will become automated.
Gaussian process classifier - also known as machine learning algorithms - estimates of future computerization (automation) influence, the main focus of this study is to analyze the amount of work under threat and "probability occupations are computerized and the relationship between salaries and educational attainment, "in short, that the level of risk skills, work experience and the degree of difficulty of the work is based on automation.

And all this has happened quietly - automatic checkout counters, travel agencies, agricultural workers, reporters, law firm employees, taxi drivers, and countless other professional financial analysts have been replaced by machines or code, or is in the process of being replaced, and this process is unstoppable. Whenever we discover new ways humans replace one kind of machine used, the process is accelerated.

With the development of manufacturing automation, automatic pcb depaneling will be used.

We are keep moving and improving on this kind of machines!


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