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The Importance of Safety Production for PCB Separate Machine

8 Die, 10 Injured In Fire At Sivakasi Cracker Factory On 20th Oct.

The fire started as crackers were being offloaded from a vehicle to a shop.
Among the deceased are a few patients who were waiting at an adjoining pathological test centre, where the fire had quickly spread. Several vehicles parked in the area were also damaged.

Fire accidents are common in the run-up to Diwali at Sivakasi, which has thousands of cracker manufacturing units. At one time, the industry was notorious for employing thousands of children.
Safety production is become more and more important now.

As the largest PCB depaneling machine manufactory in China, we will not hire children under 18 years of age, all production measures to comply with state regulations, and do the relevant preventive measures to give employees a good working environment, to produce more valuable PCB Separate Machines for clients all over the world!


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